Writer who stumbled into typesetting and the occasional cover wrap. Founder of King Shot Press, a micropublisher of radical literature. Currently in Portland, but also sometimes Athens and elsewhere.

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MAY 23 2021: The Yeezus Book

Book design isn’t something I ever saw myself freelancing, but I fell in love with the process while figuring it out for my own press. These days I’m even dabbling in cover design, though I’m not ambitious enough to call myself an actual cover designer—that’s a separate skillset that takes years of development. But I’m definitely learning and improving.

Speaking of, these are some photos from KSP’s 2018 coffee table experiment, The Yeezus Book, which is now out-of-print. I’m very proud of how it turned out. The sketches (and these photos of the book) were by a brilliant multidisciplinary artist, Fabian Louis. Matthew Revert contributed the skull/crosses stuff and cover wrap. Because of time constraints and some setbacks, I was editing the book as I was laying it out and doing some graphic design stuff, which was challenging and stressful considering I don’t come from a graphic design background. Six straight weeks of hell with 10-16 hour workdays. Revert says he watched me level-up almost daily in real-time as I figured out new solutions on the fly. I haven’t met a typesetting/internal design ceiling since. (Though, to be honest, I also haven’t tried to tackle anything as demanding.)