Writer who stumbled into typesetting and the occasional cover wrap. Founder of King Shot Press, a micropublisher of radical literature. Currently in Portland, but also sometimes Athens and elsewhere.

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MAY 17 2021: More Than A Book

Paul Buckley’s design for the 2006 Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition of Gravity’s Rainbow, which features a Frank Miller painting as its front cover, is my all-time favorite book design: A soft matte cover with flaps, gorgeous wraparound, deckled-edge pages, ultra clean typesetting job . . . Holding this was the first time it seemed like I was picking up more than just a novel. And although I felt frustrated to the point of anger the first time I read through it, there was still something undeniably special about the way it weighted in my hands. I’ve spent the past seven years chasing that “more than just a book” sensation through my publishing imprint, with varying degrees of success. (Means is often the largest barrier there.)